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the Oz Squad

I have mixed feelings about this comic book series, which I believe dates back to the 80's:


The Oz Squad is the story of what happens when Oz opens diplomatic relations with another world -- Earth. It's violent, dark, and shows a grown up Dorothy and Ozma.

Now, I tend to be an Oz purist (Dorothy is blonde, dammit!), but I'm okay with reimaginings, such as the excellent "Wicked", and I'm not bothered by adult themes inserted into this world, either. I'm also okay with the idea of the kids, such as Dorothy and Ozma, being mentally and emotionally grown up, although for some reason the idea of them being physically adults as in this series bothers me.

Bottom line: It's not the traditional Oz characters, and it's definitely not a kid's comic book. Still, it's nice to see some favorites from the books (even if some of them are homicidal maniacs!), it's fast paced, and it's a fun ride.

(It also makes me that much more antsy to someday write an Oz tale of my own.)


I had never seen those comics before you posted them. They don't look very "Oz" to me. I'm with you. Dorothy and Ozma should stay young just like in the original books!
I'm toying with some story ideas that would have them as adults mentally and emotionally, while still inhabiting the bodies of children. Imagine, a century old Dorothy who looks ten! It could be the baseline for all sorts of possibilities, and what I have in mind is a story that could still be read by kids, but would be meant for older Oz fans. Talk about a balancing act ...

But that's far in the future, because it wouldn't be just fanfiction. Much as I love writing fanfic I need to publish if I want to make a living as a writer, and a little birdie told me the Baum 14 is in the public domain ... so it's waiting in line behind the novel I'm already working on.
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February 2009

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