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"And did she ever come out?"
"Not yet."

It has been seven years since the demise of the Wicked Witch of the West.
Oz has been thriving under the reign of Ozma Tippetarius, who was discovered
living under the guise of a boy; a foul plot designed by her own father,
King Pastoria, who did not wish to give up his title to his daughter,
the rightful ruler of Oz. Though she is young, she is fair, and the destruction
caused by the Wizard is slowly but surely being patched up.

But some things can never be mended.

Believing magic has always been a factor in the destruction of their society,
Ozma has banned the practice of it, allowing only her own ministers to
wield such power. Glinda the Good, who has escalated from Witch status
to Sorceress, now rules more than just the Gillikin Country she hailed from.
She now oversees all under their child leader, tending to the things that
Ozma cannot. The Quadling Country has become her latest project, attempting
to civilize it in memory of her dear old friend who was once raised there...

Not all are pleased with the banning of magic, as expected. Black markets
and hidden teaching societies are springing up all across the darker
corners of Oz, and some are even growing bold enough to surface
in well-known establishments of learning, such as Shiz University. Ozma is
aware of the treachery going on in her kingdom, but she has yet to
find the source of these on-goings. Little does she know, the head of this
black organization might be one of her very own...

Meanwhile, rumors of a black shadow flying across the skies have spread across the land.
Is this a blantant show of disrespect towards Princess Ozma's ban on magic? it something or someone else?

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of Witches && Wizards is an alternate universe Wicked/Wizard Of Oz RPG. Wicked novel and musical canon has been integrated with the original L. Frank Baum stories to create a whole new Oz universe for roleplayers to enjoy! Please note before joining that we are a literate PG-13 rated RPG, requesting at least 200 words per post. We have much to offer the fantasy-loving roleplayer, take a look:

˟ Plenty of Oz canons to choose from! We also accept original characters.
˟ Five different subplots across the board -- something for everyone!
˟ All real-life animals and several mythological characters permitted.
˟ Friendly and active (several posts a day!) staff and members!

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, welcome to OZ.
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the Oz Squad

I have mixed feelings about this comic book series, which I believe dates back to the 80's:

The Oz Squad is the story of what happens when Oz opens diplomatic relations with another world -- Earth. It's violent, dark, and shows a grown up Dorothy and Ozma.

Now, I tend to be an Oz purist (Dorothy is blonde, dammit!), but I'm okay with reimaginings, such as the excellent "Wicked", and I'm not bothered by adult themes inserted into this world, either. I'm also okay with the idea of the kids, such as Dorothy and Ozma, being mentally and emotionally grown up, although for some reason the idea of them being physically adults as in this series bothers me.

Bottom line: It's not the traditional Oz characters, and it's definitely not a kid's comic book. Still, it's nice to see some favorites from the books (even if some of them are homicidal maniacs!), it's fast paced, and it's a fun ride.

(It also makes me that much more antsy to someday write an Oz tale of my own.)